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Hydration is KEY. Here are some great alternatives to juices!

Alternative to JUICE

Honest Kids (juice box or pouch) is a great alternative to Caprisun, Koolaid, Orange Juice, "healthy" vegetable juice, lemonade, sugar sports drinks in the house, and sodas. Give it a try in your house! There are various other flavors I recommend if you have a picky sugar tooth eater in the house, they help pick out the flavors you try so they feel included in the decision-making.



Hint is non-carbonated water with zero artificial sugars and zero added sugars.

I finally tried it myself in watermelon. I found this treasure at. Dollar "25cent" Tree, and I'm awe-struck.

The founder reached out several months ago on LinkedIn and I'm going to have to reach back out. I don't know how she does it, but it's one of the greatest things I have started recommending to my patients that are picky with water.

If you haven't seen the children's reviews from Youtube, they seem promising!  They also come bottled.

Food Activities

Becoming Familiar with Foods without the Mess

YOUR turn to make dinner

Modeling wholesome dinners

Familiarizing foods & colors!

Introducing fruits and vegetables

a Meal without the Mess

Modeling wholesome dinners


Having Ideas of What to Cook 24/7. Please & Thank you.

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